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Garbage Disposer Installation Tool

Plumber's Third Hand Garbage Disposer Installation Tool

Easy to use... install garbage disposers in minutes!

Until now, installing garbage disposers required three hands! The installer has to hold the sink strainer flange in place while attaching the fiber gasket, triangular flange, mounting ring and snap ring to the underside of the disposal sink strainer.
After the these parts are installed, someone must position the cumbersome disposer to the bottom of the sink strainer and simultaneously secure the disposer locking collar to the strainer flange.

Mill-Rose Plumber's Third Hand simplifies installing residential and commercial garbage disposers. This patented plumber's tool will save you time, aggravation and money installing garbage disposals.

Plumber's Third Hand Garbage Disposer tool

How to Install a Garbage Disposer with the Plumber's Third Hand

  1. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for installing the sink strainer in the sink. Place the garbage disposer in the cabinet directly beneath the sink strainer opening. Place the manufacturer’s supplied parts on top of the disposer in this order: snap ring, triangular flange with screws, base plate and fiber gasket.
  2. Tilt the foot of the installation tool and insert it through the sink strainer and into the opening of the disposer then pull up so that the tool’s foot is level and secure inside the disposer. In the sink lift the tool handle raising the disposer a couple of inches. Spin the wing nut clockwise down into the strainer opening. The weight of the disposer suspended from the foot will hold the sink strainer firmly in place leaving two hands free to install the parts previously placed on top of the disposer to the strainer base. Install the snap ring and tighten the triangular flange screws firmly against the base plate.
  3. Lift the handle again until the disposer meets the strainer. Spin the wing nut down to hold the disposer in position DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN. From below use both hands to turn the disposer counter clockwise to tighten into the lugs of the sink strainer.
  4. Turn the wing nut counter-clockwise up approximately six inches and remove the installation tool by tilting the foot.

Product Literature

Cat. # Description Case Pack Weight/Pkg
73030 Disposer Install Tool 6 1.5 lbs.