Parts Cleaning Brushes

Recommended for cleaning parts, panels with various solvents, degreasing and cleaning agents. Nickel steel ferrules make these brushes rugged and rust-proof. Chemical and solvent resistant adhesives make these brushes hold up longer with the most aggressive solvents and cleaning agents. Come in stiff, medium, and soft bristles for a wide range of applications. Other sizes and materials available. Contact customer service.

Cat. # Description Std. Pkg. Wgt./Pkg.
70500 #8 Soft Natural Bristle Fill Plastic Handle - Straight Trim, Round, Excellent for gentle dusting and for applying solutions to clean small parts and electronics. 15/16" Dia.; Trim Length is 2"; 10-1/8" OAL (PC 0820) 12 1.9 lbs.
70510 #10 Medium Black Crimped Polypropylene - Dome trim, wood handle, gets into the smallest cracks and crevices for quick, efficient parts washing. 1-1/16" Dia.; Trim Length is 3-1/4" 11-1/2" OAL (PC 1030) 12 1.9 lbs.
70520 #10 Three-Color Gray Tampico Dome Trim, Wood Handle.  Excellent for cleaning motors, fans and small parts. Tough tampico bristles withstand most solvents. 1-1/16" Diameter; Trim Length is 3"; 11-1/4" OAL (PC 1025) 12 1.9 lbs.
Parts Cleaning Brushes