Fitting Brushes

Clean-Fit offers a complete line of hand and power fitting brushes, outside diameter tube cleaning brushes, 4-in-1 and 6-in-1 brushes to clean fittings and tubing for stronger joints.

Clean-Fit’s standard and heavy duty plumbing brushes and refrigeration brushes are the first choice in price and quality. Features include heavy-gauge galvanized stem wire and single stem, single-spiral construction as well as double stem, double spiral construction. Rugged high-carbon steel and stainless steel bristles are available in plumbing and refrigeration sizes. Power fitting brushes are ideal for quick cleaning of fittings, tubing, and drill holes as well as deburring applications.

Heavy-Duty Plumbing Fitting Brush

Plumbing Fitting Brushes

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9400 Standard Fitting Brush

Refrigeration Fitting Brushes

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6-in-1 Fitting/Tube Brush

Multi-Purpose Brushes

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