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RINGCRUSHER® - Decrimping Tool

Decrimping Tool

RINGCRUSHER decrimping tool in action

RINGCRUSHER® makes fast work of removing crimp rings and PEX tube from fittings. New heavy-duty design cuts crimp rings on ½", ¾" and 1" copper, brass and poly alloy/plastic fittings and tube without damage to inside fittings. Stop wasting time using a hacksaw or torch, and stop throwing away expensive PEX fittings. RINGCRUSHER® cuts through crimp rings and removes tubing just as fast. Available at leading wholesalers.

RINGCRUSHER Decrimping Tool...

Cat. # Description Std. Pkg. Wgt./Pkg.
73015 RINGCRUSHER bagged 5 3.79 lbs.
73020 RINGCRUSHER (10-pack) 1 6.75 lbs.