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Deburring Tool

Our Deburring tool is the fast and easy way to smooth edges of pipe and tubing

Remove rough or irregular I.D. edges on plastic, ferrous, and non-ferrous metals with Mill-Rose deburring tools. Fixed-blade "pencil" deburring tool clips on shirt pockets and fits anywhere. Standard deburring tool features hand-contoured handle and snap-on cap for convenient storage of replacement Deburring Tool blades.

Blades on pencil style tools can not be replaced .

Cat. # Description Std. Pkg. Wgt./Pkg.
70413 Pencil Deburring Tool - Carded 10 1.0 lbs.
70414 Pencil Deburring Tool - Bulk 24 1.5 lbs.
70415 Deburring Tool - Carded (3 Blades Included) 10 0.9 lbs.
70416 Deburring Tool-Bulk (3 Blades Included) 10 0.9 lbs.
70418 Deburring Tool - Carded (10 Blades Included) 10 2.7 lbs.
70417 Replacement Blades - 5/Bag 5 0.3 lbs.