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PTFE Thread Seal Tape

Copper-Filled PTFE Tape for Anti-Seize Thread Sealing

A clean copper based, high-temperature, anti-seize material for protection from corrosion, seizure, galling, rust carbon fusion, galvanic pitting. The copper acts like ball bearings. This tape maintains its elasticity where temperatures reach as high as 500°F-direct flame. Meets UL requirements for seal tests.

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Cat. # Description Std. Pkg. Master Pkg. Wgt./Pkg.
70800 1/2" x 120" Rolls 10 100 .22 lbs.
70811 1/2" x 600" Rolls 10 100 1.14 lbs.
70805 3/4" x 120" Rolls 6 60 .44 lbs.
Additional sizes are available upon special order.
Copper-Filled PTFE Tape for Anti-Seize Thread Sealing

Applications: Bolts, studs, threaded fittings and couplings, valve shafts, cylinder heads, manifolds and any other connection in a hostile environment (boilers, ovens, exhaust manifolds, hot water storage tanks, pumps, burner assemblies, turbo charger fittings, etc.)

Do not use on oxygen systems.

Composition: PTFE/Copper

Color: Copper

Thickness: 0.0045” +/-10% (0.115mm +/-10%)

Density: 1.5g/cm3 +/-10%

Elongation: >100%

Temperature range: The tape is completely thermally stable at temperatures between -450°F to +500°F (-268°C to +260°C) PTFE in the tape will slowly decompose up to 750°F or 400°C. Although decomposition will occur on contact with naked flames. Upon decomposition, the remaining copper powder will assist disassembly. The copper flake will melt at 1981°F or 1083°C

Tensile strength: 9-13N/mm2

Copper-Filled PTFE Tape for Anti-Seize Thread Sealing