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Blue Monster® MONSTER WIPES Industrial Towels

Low-lint Disposable Towels

BLUE MONSTER® MONSTER WIPES Industrial Towels are a low-lint, cellulose and synthetic-based disposable wiper offering superior wet strength and versatility for light to heavy-duty wiping applications. With 550% absorbent capacity, MONSTER WIPES Industrial Towels are great for cleaning up water, solvent and oil-based spills.

MONSTER WIPES Industrial Towel’s latex-free fabric is soft, virtually lint free, for delicate wiping applications, while providing superior strength for cleaning tools, parts and a range of hard surfaces

Product Literature

Applications: General cleaning and scrubbing, heavy-duty wiping of grease, oil, chemicals and dirt.

Industries: Plumbing, Heating, Cooling, Oil, Gas, Industrial, Food Service, Janitorial/Sanitation, Automotive, Agriculture, Hospitality, Institutional, Medical and more.

Cat. # Size Case Pack Weight
77100 220 9"x12" Towels 8 25 lbs. (11.34 kg)

wiping up a paint spill

550% absorbent capacity. Ideal for cleaning up water, solvent and oil-based spills.

wiping grease off of a brake rotor

Versatile. For light to heavy-duty industrial applications. Cleans tools, parts, hard surfaces and more.

man wiping clean a crescent wremch

Reusable/Disposable. Superior strength allows for repeat use, yet disposable when you need a clean towel