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Blue Monster® Whizz Banger Urinal Cleaner & Descaler

A quick acting urinal cleaner & descaler that disinfects as it cleans

Blue Monster Whizz Banger Urinal Cleaner and Descaler

Features / Benefits

  • Quickly Unclogs Urinals
  • Eliminates Drain Odors
  • Cleans Rust and Scale
  • Disinfects as it Cleans
  • Keeps Urinals Open and Free Flowing
  • Maintains Optimum Flushing Performance

Product Literature

BLUE MONSTER® Whizz Banger™ Urinal Cleaner & Descaler dissolves uric acid deposits, eliminates uric odors, cleans, and disinfects urinals and toilet bowls in one step!
Urine creates uric salt crystals, the most common cause of urinal drain blockage.

Blue Monster Whizz Banger's non-fuming formulation breaks down uric acid build-up that restricts urinal drainage flow. It's fast acting and compatible with copper, steel, cast iron, PVC and ABS drain pipes.

  • Non-fuming.
  • Cleans, disinfects, and deodorizes in one step.
  • Removes iron deposits in toilet bowls.
  • Will not etch urinal and toilet bowl surfaces.
  • Dissolves water scale, rust, and uric acid deposits.
  • Excellent for urinals, toilet bowls, and general descaling.
Catalog # Size Case Pack Weight
76056 32 net fl. oz. (.95l) 12 31 lbs. (14kg)

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