Green Full-Density Oxygen Thread Seal Tape

Green Oxygen Tape Rolls

Mill-Rose Full-Density Green Thread Seal Tape is over five times heavier than common sealing tapes so you can use it and never worry about contaminating systems.

Because it is degreased; it has no residual lubricant, unlike common tapes made with petroleum as a lubricant. Specifically developed for oxygen installations, Green thread seal tape is both safe and reliable to use; it is chemically inert and won’t support combustion.

Red 3Wrap Tape Display

Cat. # Description Std. Pkg. Master Pkg. Wgt./Pkg.
70850 1/2" x 260" Rolls 10 100 .40 lbs.
70852 3/4" x 260" Rolls 6 60 .30 lbs.
70854 1" x 260" Rolls 6 60 .50 lbs.
Green thread seal tape (TF5-25) is also available in self dispensing wall or counter displays.
Display Packaging - Green PTFE Thread Seal Tape
Cat. # Description Std. Pkg. Master Pkg. Wgt./Pkg.
70861 1/2" x 260" 10 Pk. Dispenser 1 10 .60 lbs.
70862 3/4" x 260" 6 Pk. Dispenser 1 10 .71 lbs.
70863 1" x 260" 6 Pk. Dispenser 1 10 .89 lbs.
70865 Wire Rack Display 1 10 25 lbs.
Red 3Wrap Tape Application

Applications: Oxygen lines, systems and other flammable environments. Also may be used on most liquid, oil and chemical installations.

Specification MX65: Oxygen sealant tape is a degreased version of Gas Seal Tape. Meets or exceeds A-A58092 standards (ASG) and has the approval of most gas companies: AIRCO (USA), British Oxygen Co. (UK), CANOX (Canada), and Commonwealth Ind. Gases (Aus.).


Composition: 99.6% PTFE <0.4% pigment
Color: Green
Length: 260" (6.6m)
Width: 1/2" (12mm), 3/4" (19mm) and 1" (25mm)
Thickness: 0.102mm +/-10%
Density: 1.5g/cm3 +/-10%
Elongation: >100%
Pressure rating: Mill-Rose Green Oxygen Tape has been used regularly on oxygen fittings at pressures up to 2,173.9PSI or 15,000kPa Note: Pressure ratings are relative to the quality and torque of the fittings and the amount of tape used.
Temperature range: -450°F to +500°F (-268°C to +260°C) PTFE is completely stable up to +500°F or +260°C. Decomposition is slow up to 750°F or +400°C. Although decomposition will occur on contact with naked flames.
Tensile strength: 9-13N/mm2





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